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Mystery of the Missing Bulldogs

February 28, 2009

I have another question about a recent commercial. It’s the one for T-Mobile with the older married couple. I couldn’t find a vid of it. Anyway, the gist of the commercial is that the husband objects to the calling plan she’s signed them up for and he gives a litany of personal reasons, each of which she counters by bringing up an example of his behavior or past preferences. At one point he announces that he doesn’t like commitment. She replies, “We’ve been married forty years!” (Actually, it’s 38, he reminds her). Then he says something to the effect of liking change and she ripostes with “We’ve owned eleven bulldogs, all named Stanley.” Uh-huh, uh-huh good point. Good point. Let’s see you weasel out of this one,….wait a minute!


At 38 years of marriage that averages out to a new bulldog every 3.45 years. Yet the average lifespan of a bulldog is eight to ten years.

Even giving them the benefit of the doubt–maybe one dog was hit by a car, one ran away and they got one at an advanced age from a shelter, that still a new bulldog every five years. I think that if I were a breeder, and these negligent old coots kept showing up every three years to pick up a new dog, I’d start asking them some hard questions.



February 20, 2009

Commercials facinate me. As does advertising in general, though not to the a Likekian degree. Lately, I’ve been wondering about the ubiquitous commercials for the company that lets you send your “unwanted gold jewelry” to them in a pre-paid envelope in exchange for cash, using a discreet transaction process. I have two questions (one specific, one general) about these ads and the company:

1) Why, in the commercial segment showing the company’s own refinery in action, does the smelted gold suddenly turn into what look like tiny pearls in the refinery-worker’s grimy hand when he lifts the finished product out of the cooling bath? Is that what they do when they get your unwanted gold? Turn it into tiny pearls using some arcane alchemical process? ‘Cause if so, that’s pretty cool. But I’m not sure I see the financial upside for the company.

2) Doesn’t this service seem like it might be a godsend for petty criminals? Most (if not all) municipalities and/or states have laws on the books requiring ID for pawnshop sales. This makes it harder for crooks to sell stolen goods (e.g. “wanted gold jewelry”). The system also makes tracking stolen goods easier for law enforcement. But now the same mugger/thief/burglar can send their heist off to this company and they’ll melt it right down on the spot! Try tracing that, coppers. Now, I know nothing about this company. Perhaps they have some type of procedure in place to try and help to prevent this. Maybe they photograph the items and keep records accordingly. But, regardless, it seems like such records would be sub-par evidence in many ways and also as if such procedures could be pretty easily circumvented.

Oh yeah!

February 4, 2009

We have scored tickets to the Diaz-Marquez showdown taking place on February 28th at the Toyota Center, H-Town. It’s hard to see how this could turn out to be anything other than great fight.

Superbowl Thoughts

February 2, 2009

When he has his helmet on, Ben Roethlisberger looks a lot like Will Ferrell. If Ferrell was wearing a helmet, I mean. At the same time or something.