Mystery of the Missing Bulldogs

I have another question about a recent commercial. It’s the one for T-Mobile with the older married couple. I couldn’t find a vid of it. Anyway, the gist of the commercial is that the husband objects to the calling plan she’s signed them up for and he gives a litany of personal reasons, each of which she counters by bringing up an example of his behavior or past preferences. At one point he announces that he doesn’t like commitment. She replies, “We’ve been married forty years!” (Actually, it’s 38, he reminds her). Then he says something to the effect of liking change and she ripostes with “We’ve owned eleven bulldogs, all named Stanley.” Uh-huh, uh-huh good point. Good point. Let’s see you weasel out of this one,….wait a minute!


At 38 years of marriage that averages out to a new bulldog every 3.45 years. Yet the average lifespan of a bulldog is eight to ten years.

Even giving them the benefit of the doubt–maybe one dog was hit by a car, one ran away and they got one at an advanced age from a shelter, that still a new bulldog every five years. I think that if I were a breeder, and these negligent old coots kept showing up every three years to pick up a new dog, I’d start asking them some hard questions.


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